Thursday, August 12, 2010


I really cannot put into words how much I like this album. 

It's diverse, it's raucous, it's weird, it's catchy, it's well recorded, it's fucking fantastic. 

THE HUMMS are an Athens, GA outfit spearheaded by wild haired country boy Zeke Sayer. Zeke runs his own recording studio in a former theme park, making it a ghost town of sorts and you can hear that haunted Scooby Doo sound coming through on this album.

The opener "BLOODSUCKING VAMPIRE" sets the tone for the record with it's frantic "something is chasing me and it's fun" vocals and warbly eerie guitar lines. 

Every song on this slab is a winner. And it's got 18 songs.

Grab yerself a copy of the LP below. 


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