Thursday, August 12, 2010


There is a genre that seems rather popular at the moment, greg and I call it 'two dudes fucking around.' i guess it is best identified when you go to a show and find what looks like a 70's sci-fi movie on stage (no recognizable musical instruments). Subsequently, two dudes will make noise from said movie set. This noise ranges from the ethereal to the obnoxious (think the sounds of a rusty, dilapidated asshole factory).

At first glance, Viernes appears to be one of these bands, but alas, they are so much more. They make moving, atmospheric pieces with actual melody and harmony and... holy shit, is that coherent song structure?!

They just released their debut lp, sinister devices on kanine records and it is fantastic. Don't miss a chance to see them live, if they come your way.


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