Saturday, June 5, 2010

junkers ///

This band sounds like a classic to me. 

All of the songs I've heard have that stand out rock n' roll quality to them. The kind where either the guitar, vocals, lyrics, drums, whatever, get stuck in your head. Something jumps out and grabs you. 

I like bands who know how to mix their songs in the studio. I personally think the largest problem with the new lo-fi movement is a lack of a good ear (i.e. TIMES NEW VIKING, WAVVES, etc) allowing everything to be mixed essentially at the same level and basically becoming a giant puddle of shit sounds.

JUNKERS know what they're doing. They can write awesome songs and they know how to make them live up to that potential in the studio. David Bowie and Marc Bolan would be proud.

Dig on them.


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