Saturday, June 5, 2010

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Wild Life Society

Wild Life Society hails from Jacksonville, FL and is additional proof that rich musical creativity is as much a part of Florida as the St. Johns River and hanging chads. With the audio engineering expertise of Ryan Turk at ALR Warehouse Studios, they've just released a splendid new collection of songs. These are musically exciting times to be in Florida; their newly released EP is sure to do for them what Wizard of Ahhhs did for Black Kids. I hate to be such a hype monster about it, but the music is just that good. It is a perfect blend of accessible, eclectic, and beautiful. Alex E, the main vocalist, provides a fantastic vocal performance that has the luscious reverb quality akin to Victoria Legrand of Beach House. The rhythm section's role extends beyond time keeping. Often times the rhythm is reminiscent of Vampire Weekend becoming as much a part of the hooks as vocal lines or lead guitar.

Today, they will be celebrating the release of their new EP with a show at the Sinclair in Jacksonville. Check them out tonight if you are in the North Florida area. Otherwise they are a must-see when they come to a town near you. WLS puts on one of the best live performances of any band that I've seen in recent memory. The energy of the music will wash over you. Guaranteed.

The new EP is out on Skinny Records.

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