Monday, March 22, 2010

Conspiracy Theory 1 /// Pandora

I understand that the whole idea of pandora is there are no asshole dj's, tastemakers, or pay per play deals to interfere with the music selection. The song selection is supposed to be random as all hell, right?

So, I select the "alternative/ indie rock" station from time to time. Once, I heard 4 Arctic Monkey songs within an hour. More recently, it played 5 death cab songs within an hour and 1/2. It seems to me that groups of songs at any given time period seems to go together. (sometimes you hear a lot of 90's, a lot of electro, etc.)

My conspiracy theory is that pandora either uses dj's, or more likely dj databases. That is to say, for a time period they will pull songs from collection A, then switch to collection B and so forth. All i know is that some where in there, some one has a huge hard-on for Arctic Monkeys.

discover new music my ass


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