Sunday, March 21, 2010

StreightAngular /// After and Before

StreightAngular proudly hails from Bostonville, Alaska. I assume this is located somewhere between Fenway Park and ANWR...? You should definitely check these guys out if you like the idea of a Nada Surf sounding band with a motley song writing approach a la Wowee Zowee.

They have a newish album called After and Before. You can get a digital copy via iTunes. My favorite tracks are as follows:

"Are You Ever Satisfied?" -- Well executed call-and-response verse. It is beautifully deplete of emotion and connotes a lack of satisfaction. The verse leads into a Talking Headsesque chorus. And I like that A LOT. You'd swear they got David Byrne to chime in.

"Girl with a Tambourine" -- Cute, catchy, and poppy. This song highlights the complementary nature of the male and female vocal parts. It's kind of hard to get the chorus out of your head after a few listens.

Check them out at myspace and then order a physical copy of the LP.

StreightAngular @ myskizzadoodledooo


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