Saturday, January 9, 2010

ya tu sabes

Mi hermanos in Lil Daggers posted a few new songs up on their myskizz page not too long ago and I finally got around to checking them out and duuuude, lemme tell you what; this music is fresh. Everybody likes to hate on Florida but you fucking fake ass haters can't listen to a band like Lil Daggers and tell me F-L-A ain't the place to be in 2010.

This is like if Dracula lost his fangs, got a grill, rolled a hooter and sat down behind his Grandpa's old Farfisa and devoted his life to gettin' fucking raw and gross. That's what Lil Daggers says to me. You'll dance to it and you'll have these tunes stuck in your noggin' for a good while. Their STRAGGLERS EP was one of my top 10 for 2009 and judging from new songs like "Ya Tu Sabes" and "Hungry" they have something even better in store for 2010. Get off your nuts and go hit play.

lil daggers @ myspace


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