Saturday, October 10, 2009

the man from planet x

for some reason, a lot of lo-fi music is coming out of texas at the moment. denton and dallas fort worth being the hot spots, which is odd to me. i have family in fort worth and from what i know of the area, it's kind of stale. either way, though, there are some interesting sounds blowing out of that town. not all of them are good, though. some are just rehashings of what is "cool" in blog land, but a few are really making some cool shit.

one of those cool shit bands is THE JESUS FURS, aka brandon hoffman, a (from what i can tell) weird kid from denton making noisy, reverb'd out TUNES. these are SONGS people, not just a dude with garage band farting into a computer mic with the "surf" filter on. anyways, check out this cat's myspace page and dig on songs like "GRAVEYARD GHOST" and "TREMOR TREAT".

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