Thursday, August 27, 2009

cold french fries

Jeffery over at KICKBRIGHT ZINE did a write up of this years POPMayhem! Fest. There's a little bit about the Heavy Hands and a picture of us playing. Check it out here:

Jeffery is also in the band HOT HANDS with his fiance', Kristin. The band has toured the south east two times, to my knowledge and they have a self released cassette which is available at their shows and I think through the Kickbright website. They turn out some pretty solid noisy garage pop and they're loud as shit live, so bring ear plugs. Give them a listen over here:


In other news, we've expanded TRASH BASH to a 2 night ordeal. It turns out that we really had too many bands to fit into afternoon/night, so the new dates for this shindig are OCTOBER 2ND AND 3RD.

October 2nd will be held at WAYWARD COUNCIL and will start around 10pm. The line-up for this first night is still being worked out, but it will be a rockin' kick off!

October 3rd will be at THE KICKSTAND and will start around 4pm.


I made french fries for lunch and didn't bake them long enough. Shit.

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