Sunday, July 25, 2010

MUSIC /// Welcomin' Committee In Flames

The only conclusion I can currently reach about Zagreb, Croatia is that the music scene is FUCKING BALLIN' AS SHIT and you'll probably see me posting a lot of Croatian bands in the next few days because, well, there's a lot of them and people need to hear this stuff.

The first band that has really caught my eye/ears is WELCOMIN' COMMITTEE IN FLAMES.

WCIF, as they call themselves for short, is composed of a guitarist, a drummer, and a singer. The guitarist and drummer are both very involved in the Zagreb music scene while the lead singer is this crazy lady from Japan who shouts shit about her tits. 

The band first caught my eye through a photo set on the kick ass Croatian based blog, TEENAGE LOBOTOMY.

In the photo set you see the band rolling all over the floor, trading the microphone, beating two drums to shit, and weirding the shit out of the audience. My first thought? FUCK YES.

The music itself is slippery give-no-fuck rock n' roll stripped to it's barest of bones.  I could see the band easily drawing comparison to American legends The Gories, to give you a better idea.

I would love to see these cats live. Anyone want to book a flight to Croatia?


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