Saturday, July 24, 2010

MUSIC /// Bazile

Bazile is an Austin-based musical project that--as his website says--"could be considered the second cousin of Sufjan Stevens and Radiohead". He recently released a debut album entitled The Soujorn of Professor Narducci.

In fact, you can stream the album here.

In case the album title wasn't enough of a clue, I am here to tell you that this album is a concept album. But do not worry if you're an anti-concept album kind of person. The "concept" part of the album doesn't spoil by being obnoxiously omnipresent like some concept albums.

Bazile takes the listener on sabbatical with Italian Professor Narducci as he lusts after wisdom and woman (how Italian!). The journey has an eclectic and worldly feel to it. My personal favorite part of the journey was "Modern World". It reveals all of Bazile's capabilities in one cohesive song. At twelve song, the album is a bit long for a debut album, but enjoyable from beginning to end.

Academia misses you, Narducci!


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