Monday, June 28, 2010

guitar hero army ///

After the rise of Guitar Hero, I see this as a very real possibility.
While it remains to be seen what effect these games will have on
future rock stars and underground phenoms, but I can already imagine
reading in a future blog, "I knew I wanted to spend my life playing music
when I walked into my brother's room and witnessed him just pressing
the heck out of those buttons, I mean, you should have seen his star power score."

I want to see a "Band Nerd" video game. You have to awkwardly lug around your heavy, 
bulky instrument(in it's case) to and from school every day. Think tetris on a school bus.
What else? Spit valves, mystery hand me down uniforms, and you lose points for every successful
interaction with the opposite sex. You can call it an edutainment, cause the shit you learn from that 
experience is what drives the rock'n' roll dreams of many.


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