Monday, May 3, 2010

yuck /// pitchfork's sloppy seconds

Hiya, what's shakin'? I'm Kevin, and I'm new here.
I'd like to correct a common misconception that the blogosphere seems to have taken and run with: Britain, the glorious little island where I hail from, is most certainly not responsible for any interesting and innovative new music (post-Loveless, of course, and even then, that was mostly Ireland.)

The way this was made clear to me was when I read an article in the NME, Britain's GREATEST MOST AWESOME TOTALLY NOT AWFUL music weekly, about a band called Yuck (pictured above). As to be expected, this thrilling expose on the hot new lo-fi sound came almost a year after what I will refer to as "the Wavves phenomenon" took America by storm.
At first glance, Yuck don't seem all that offensive at all: playing the zany back story card perfected by The Unicorns (they met in a desert commune a few years ago and bonded over their love of Silver Jews and desire to know who Buffalo Tom are, apparently), NME's man seems ready and willing to compare them to everyone from Neutral Milk Hotel to Dinosaur Jr. (the last comparison is fair enough as most of their songs sound like poor Dinosaur b-sides).
Despite this, however, it is clear there is something fishy about Yuck, something I decided to investigate further.

Perhaps the whole desert commune thing was a metaphor for playing in a piss-weak, Arctic Monkeys-lite indie band? I don't know, but suffice to say, British kids, if yr band are going nowhere, feel free to SHAMELESSLY re-invent yrselfs as glo-fi and maybe NME will laud you as the leaders of that scene.
In 2013.


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