Saturday, May 1, 2010

tea elles ///

TEA ELLES is a badass band. I've never seen them live, but their sound is one of twisted psychedelia and trashy punk rock.

I'm way into this new tribe of bands with GUITAR PLAYERS. Bands with guitarists who aren't scared to whip out a riff or a solo or wild ass feedback. TEA ELLES is one such band, making as much racket as they can wring out of their fucked up strangs.

Good shit, brosepheles. 



  1. love this
    please tell me there's something somewhere to download or something to purchase...something to hold me over?
    thanks for the tip waylon


  2. i looked for something online, but to no avail. their myspace hasn't been checked since january, so they may not be together anymore.

    i'll keep looking, though and if i find anything i'll post it up.


  3. According to this, they're no more:

    fuck. :)

  4. fuck! that's a mega bummer!

    thanks for investigating : )

  5. Glad you got my email..i'm still loving this record