Wednesday, May 5, 2010

28 degrees taurus ///

28 DEGREES TAURUS is a Massachusetts band based around the writing duo of Karina and Jinsen, two friends who have been making music together for around 3 years now. 

At first I listened to the song "ALL THE STARS IN YOUR EYES" and was reminded of a more melodic DEERHOOF, with less jagged freakiness and more mellow vibes. Then, as I listened to "MIDNIGHT SUN" I was totally thrown for a loop with a slow, ambient pop rock song. After listening to all the songs on their Myspace page, I came to realize that 28 DEGREES TAURUS don't give a fuck about convention or following a set sound as a band. And that's cool.

The band is getting ready to release it's 3rd album, and you can preview two tracks from that record on their Myspace page below.