Thursday, April 29, 2010

mr. independent ///

Florida's current governor, CHARLIE CRIST announced today that he will be running for SENATE not as a Republican, which was his affiliation, but will instead run as an INDEPENDENT. This comes as sort of a shock since CRIST was being firmly backed by the GOP for the senate race. 

CRIST himself suggested his decision is not so much a big deal to him as it is a glimpse into the future of our countries so beloved PARTY POLITICS. 

CRIST isn't a complete douchebag, as far as "former" GOP members go. He recently brought a lot of happiness to FLA teachers when he vetoed a bill calling for teacher's pay to be based on student's test scores (which was a total bullshit bill in the first place.)

With a President pushing for non-partisan co-operation among politicians, could this be something we'll be seeing more of or is it just a really bad career move?

Could be fun to watch.


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  1. he'll go right back to being a republicn if he wins. Still a douchebag.