Wednesday, March 3, 2010

st. dad /// keep it in your pants

St. Dad has a lot in common with the Taco Bell $5 Box. They're both greasy, foul, cheap, will give you a stomach ache, and they're both really fucking good.

These guys hail from the Jungle Rot home base of Gainesville and dare I say they are the real deal. No fucking fashion or style. No name dropping. Just raw ass noisy punk rock n' roll. These cats just finished up a long ass tour of the Eastern U.S. and I they're getting ready to release a split cassette with Orlando natives The Shreds (ex- Magic and the Johnsons) which I suggest you look into snagging. They've put up their first tape for free download and you can find that at the link below. 

Get into these guys cuz they're gonna force themselves down your throat anyways.


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