Monday, March 1, 2010

gobble gobble /// lawn knives + end of days

To anyone who reads this blog it should be pretty well known that I, for the most part, do not like electronic music. I'm really trying to broaden my views on the genre and not be such a stubborn dick about it. GOBBLE GOBBLE is helping me with that resolution a whole hell of a lot. This dude Cecil is making some crazy catchy shit happen with these two new singles, "End Of Days" and "Lawn Knives". Both are crunchy, pulsing, and will stomp their pixelated boots into your ears. Give them a jam or two and let this cat know what up.

Also, GOBBLE GOBBLE's out of print tape, NEON GRAVEYARD, is available for free download below and I highly suggest getting it. If you're an electro hater like myself, it'll help ease you out of your comfort zone.


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