Friday, February 12, 2010

worker bee records /// papercitynoisemaker

Worker Bee Records is putting out a killler rock n' roll comp next week called PAPERCITYNOISEMAKER. The comp will be available on CD for $3 and you can actually order a copy now as far as I know from either PayPal ( or from the below address. 

Peep this sick ass tracklist:

1. Lil Daggers - Hungry
2. Puffy Shoes - Lazy Seventeen
3. Murder Mystery - Kremlin
4. Crappy Dracula - Secrets of the Powerful Textbook Lobby
5. Brown Ghosts - Silver Hands
6. The Ex-Boogeymen - If You Love Me (Let Me Go)
7. The Magic Words - Don't Ask Me Why (early 4-track demo version)
8. Death Valley Sleepers - Let Heaven Know
9. Thunder Bunny - Lollipop
10. No Cars - 123456
11. The Super Vacations- Moss
12. Monkey V. Robot - You Can't Help Me
13. PAGEANTS - Crushin' Diamonds With Her Teeth
14. (the) Snot Rags - Daydream
15. The Ornitheologian - Your Kisses Are Going To Waste
16. THE ViGNETTES - Comic Book Heroes 3.0
17. Slow Human Escape - We Belong To Satan
18. Wild Zeros - I Want You
19. the Japanese-Lovers - Happy Now
20. The Pneumonias - Somethin' to Do
21. Two Tears - Wiggle Like A Worm
22. Thee Fine Lines - "I've Got My Eye On You" (new version)
23. Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Sheddin' My Skin
24. Velma and the Happy Campers - Parking Lot #3 AKA The Parkinglot is Doomed
Seriously fucking crazy good. Get ahold of the Worker Bee dudes and get your copy, f'reals.
Workerbee Records
118 S Sherman
Ames, IA 50010

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