Monday, March 7, 2011

psychic lunch sxsw explosion

You ain't gonna believe this shit. Seriously. Look at this flyer and then take a breather.


Our TX buds PSYCHIC LUNCH have teamed up with some other heavy hitters to bring you SXSW'ers every amazing band at the festival (minus OFWGKTA). 

I'm kicking myself in the dick for not making it out to the festival this year, but check out the line up if you're going and you know this is the place to be.

thursday ~~~~~~
3:00: brandon daniels & the chics
4:00: guantanamo baywatch
4:30: cheap time
5:00: butts
5:30: dizzy eyes
6:00: xray eyeballs
7:00: thee oh sees
7:30: paul cary
8:00: hunx and his punx
8:30: voltrevolt
9:00: strange boys
9:30: dead ghosts
10:00: fungi girls
10:30: christmas
11:00: unnatural helpers
11:30: quintron & miss pussycat
12:00: manic attracts
12:30: prison

friday ~~~~~~
2:30: mother of gut
3:00: thunder buffalo
3:30: hausu
4:00: defective agency
4:30: slutever
5:00: bare wires
5:30: the creamers
6:00: surf city
6:30: reading rainbow
7:00: sleepovers
7:30: tee pee
8:00: radar eyes
8:30: women in prison
9:00: rayon beach
9:30: voltrevolt
10:00: wounded lion
10:30: personal and the pizzas
11:00: shannon and the clams
11:30: davila 666
12:00: mujeres

Okay, so you're saying "DUDE ALL HAIL PSYCHIC LUNCH ET AL" right? Get ready to BLOW YOUR FUCKING LOAD because they have a second kick ass showcase, this one a collab with PLAY PINBALL RECS.

12:30: the wrong words
1:15: turbo fruits
2:00: audacity
2:45: bad lovers
3:30: pujol
4:15: the creamers
5:00: fungi girls
5:45: voyageurs
6:30: eternal summers
7:15: dead ghosts
8:00 terrible twos
8:45: the night beats
9:30: trmrs
10:15: shannon and the clams
11:00: the shrapnelles
11:45: mickey
12:30: flesh lights
1:15: day creeper

I highly endorse this shit. If you're going to SXSW, be at them, cuz if you don't you're just a Steve Harvey loving piece of shit.

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