Sunday, February 27, 2011

tao of the dead

I'm a fan of 'TRAIL OF DEAD and have been since "SOURCE TAGS AND CODES" came out when I was in high school. And for the most part, their albums are usually pretty solid or if anything, at least what we've come to expect from the band.

Their new effort, "TAO OF THE DEAD", however, is FUCKING TERRIBLE.

As a musician, I know it's not cool to slam other bands' output. It's a really dick move, because I would hate to hear someone call my records "fucking terrible" but this album is just so bad I can't help it. I've desperately tried to listen to it hoping it will redeem itself, but it can't.

It's like 'TRAIL OF DEAD is trying to make themselves more accessible to the Arcade Fire crowd or something.

Terrible. Give it a listen online somewhere and make up your mind, but I just wanted to warn you all.

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  1. This album art is so terrible I thought it was fake.