Friday, November 5, 2010

NEWS ///

For anyone wondering if JUNGLE ROT is "blowing it" or is dead, the answer is no. 

I have been busy working on my latest album, which is finally finished.

Grab that here:

I've also been busy with my record label, WHITE MOON RECORDINGS.

Anyways,  I missed out on the awesome posting of Halloween songs, but to be honest, I always post creepy shit, so whatever.

I do have a cool new band for you guys to go check out:

HIGH POP is a laid back, stoner pop band that I can't really find anything on. They started following me on Tumblr, but have no info on their page. 

If you dig bands who sound like they just rolled out of bed, slung on the stratocaster, and hit record, then this is a band for you.

Also, HIGH POP, if you are reading this: E-MAIL ME!

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