Monday, August 30, 2010


PARIS, FRANCE has been confusing the shit out of me lately. As far as I've always been concerned, Paris was just a fancy place to eat croissants and look at expensive shit, but I've never actually been and that's just a crude stereotype from an American redneck. 

This cluster of killer punk rock bands that I've been stumbling upon, however, has been giving me the image of a filthy city full of greasy leather clad rock n' rollers. Not to mention the French kids who have added me on FACEBOOK and seem to post nothing but pictures of women giving birth (what the fuck, France?)

STRANGE ODD MYSTERIES happens to be one of these filthy, trashy bands coming out of PARIS, but instead of the blistering fury of bands like CATHOLIC SPRAY, S.O.M. brings out a shade of off kilter pop.

Don't get me wrong, though, it's got teeth.

Dig on the song "TEENAGE POLICY" below from their self released CD-R.

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