Monday, July 19, 2010

a war is coming? ///

I've been quiet for a little while over here. 

Did some vacation, did some thinking. 

Is underground music being co-opted? Maybe this is an obvious question, but I feel it bears repeating. 

First with PITCHFORK bringing payola and corporate motivation into the atmosphere and now with their tentacles reaching into the grass roots blog-verse with ALTERED ZONES, it just feels to me like a gross attempt at monopolizing (read: capitalizing on) DIY artists. 

I may be ultra bored by 90% of the witch haus/chillwave/glo-fi/etc artists, but they're doing their thing and being as weird as they want to be, spreading the love and making "music" for the sake of doing so. 

Now with ALTERED ZONES seemingly aimed at riding the chillwave, will this become the next GRUNGE? 

Will witch haus fashions be the next thing to hit Old Navy?

Am I fucking crazy and paranoid?

Maybe I'm not making sense. To get things to basics, I'm worried that bloggers will give up looking for new music and digging and sharing. 

Do not get complacent, writers.

Keep looking for fossils, dudes.


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