Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NEWS /// New writers, content, etc

Here shortly you'll notice some new writers throwing up their opinions and expertise on our beloved Jurngle Rart. 

New content coming such as writers devoted to LITERATURE, TECHNOLOGY, and even a dude devoted to posting random internet bullshit.

You're asking yourself, "Isn't this entire blog just random internet bullshit?"

Well you're partly right, but think of this guy as that person you know who sits on his computer all night eating Hamburger Helper and watching YouTube videos of shitty rap songs until noodles come out of his nose.

Sounds good, right?

We also have a new guy coming in to post on some of the best new bands in the underground because, well, I can't cover everything.

Basically, we're expanding the family. If you're interesting in writing and have something you feel that you can contribute, hit me up:


Until then, keep your eyes out for new posts, bitches and stay out of the tall grass.


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