Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MUSIC /// The Eichmann Family

For my second post on the music scene in ZAGREB, CROATIA, I'm writing about the trash rock trio, THE EICHMANN FAMILY.

These dudes are running the gamut from raging punkers to psychotic surfy twang.

The band shares a guitarist with WELCOMIN' COMMITTEE IN FLAMES, who I've previously blogged about and their bass player plays stand up, dog house bass, which is impressive as it's being used in trashy rock n' roll, as opposed to cheesy ass "psychobilly". 

Head over to their MySpace and give these dudes a listen.


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  1. hey waylon! lovro here from TL. awesome posts on cro garage bands! you should really check out THE BABIES (not the new band with that girl from vivian girls). Goran - guitarist from WCIF and EICHMAN FAMILY was in it and they are one of our best rock bands.