Monday, July 5, 2010

emotioncore ain't dead /// part I

Despite coming from the almost infuriatingly celebrated Ridgewood, New Jersey "shitgaze drone-pop" scene, the sound of Power Naps is not the sound of confused twenty-somethings whimpering over a single power chord so doused in reverb that it sounds like a kitten fart! Stranger things have happened, but it is nice to stumble onto a band who are still in thrall to early/mid 90s midwestern "emo".

A similar prospect are Scotland's very own post-teen heart-throbs Boygirlanimalcolour (yes, yanks, coloUr). Drawing their cues from Cap'n Jazz, American Football and quite possibly any project related to the Kinsella brothers ever, they make being involved in the current Scottish music scene a little bit less embarassing. Hey dudes, if Tear Jerks ever write more than three songs we should totally do a show!!

Stayed tuned for part II of emotioncore ain't dead coming soon (I'm still alive!)

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