Monday, July 12, 2010

a lifestyle by choice ///

I stumbled on this by accident. itunes thinks that this should be the album cover for tenacious d. tell me you can look at this picture and not want to hear what this d guy has to say. i dare you. after listening to some tracks, i am pretty sure that this is parody. the problem is that sometimes there is a thin line between parody and the source material. (i am not saying that all hip hop/ rap is fucking ridculous but google 'rap album cover' and watch your night disappear)

which brings us to this...

their bio claims "Having played at various skate parks, house parties, tattoo shops, dive bars, or anywhere else they could...Sober Daze stays true to their name and to the spirit of punk rock on this album. With songs about drinking and punk rock politics, all punk bases are covered."

wait, is this a punk band? it is still not clear enough.

track list includes 'livin' it up,' '100 beers,' 'broken bottles,' and 'shit faced.' parody or science fact? you tell me.

oh and ska called, they want their font back.


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