Friday, June 18, 2010

wavves /// king of the beach

Just heard this album in it's entirety and here is my verdict:

75% filler with some really lame ass "chillwave" type songs. My guess is Little Lord Douchelaroy got stoned and fell asleep on the synthesizer. 

When the kid is doing it right on this album, however, he's totally on. 

"Idiot", "Post-Acid", and the title track are all awesome pop punk songs.

Overall, though, I still say I'm right. This kid is nothing special and is not the next Kurt Cobain.

I shop at Wal-Mart.



  1. Oh yeah, that album cover is super PHAT though. I want to teach my cat to smoke cigarettes. HIP AS FUGGGGG!

  2. Is that a cigarette or a joint? I don't want a high cat on my hands. I don't have enough food stocked in the house to feed that furnace.

  3. Holy shit. I just figured it out. That is Masonic, pot smokin cat. A brown cat at that! E pluribus unum!

  4. I heard Nathan Williams has a sex tape. It's sooooo bored.

  5. You are dangerous on the internet.