Friday, June 4, 2010

a visit from one eye ///

Waylon and I were paid a little visit in our inboxes by One Eye today. Who is One Eye you say? This remains every bit the mystery to us as well. Here is the message--photo and prose--with limited edits:

"I thought you both might find this interesting, God's greatest invention, the cheese covered hot dog. Boys the gods hate me, I play craps, I do not even get a chance to lose money, I lose the dice, I get some pussy, I get the gonorrhea, you think you pulled out, but apparently you didn't, you think you found a sexy, hot to trot lady and some golden glistening pbr, and you get the gonnarrhea and a kid, you think you found a place and some [N word] some snatches it up. Boys what I am saying is life hates me. Take it easy boys" - One Eye

Nothing like a little bit of Right Guard to freshen up your cheesy hot dog.

Stay dirty this weekend folks.


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