Friday, June 4, 2010

pitchfork /// fuck you

Dear Pitchfork,

It was cool of you to cite us for the news of PRINCE RAMA signing to PAW TRACKS. We mostly hate your website because of, you know, how you guys perpetuate tons of shitty hipster slop music, but you get good traffic and we got good traffic for that day. 

It was not, however, cool that you deleted us from said post and are now 100% NOT citing us or giving us any credit for that news. That's unprofessional and just plain DICK of you.

Some shit like that down here in FLA would get you an ass beating and black listed, but you live in internet land where you're this big giant because you're OMG CUTTING EDGE AND SHIT, but guess what? YOU AREN'T CUTTING EDGE ANYMORE. 

No one really gives a fuck about the new Arcade Fire album or Timmy's basement dickface drone band. The tides are turning, Dickfork and the public is starting to want real music.

All in all, when it comes down to it, I'd say our blog is more credible, anyway. 

No payola or American Apparel sponsorships here.
Fuck you guys.

P.S. Let us also say that we're proud of our eternal buds in PRINCE RAMA for getting out there and living the dream. We love you guys and hope you take over the world!


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