Wednesday, June 2, 2010

m.i.a. /// just another pop princess

M.I.A. - "I'm a Singer (Haters)"

You all may have heard about M.I.A. taking a shitfit on a NY Times journalist via Twitter. M.I.A.'s implied claim--in my words, not hers--is that the journalist apparently skewed the article/interview to paint M.I.A. as an image charlatan. Basically saying that she makes her living as a bourgeois hip hop hipster disguised as a proletariat.

I am sure that the journalist had her own personal slant going into the story and exaggerated a little bit. But my gut feeling tells me that this might be a case of the truth hurting a tad too much. I think M.I.A's newly released song (see above), which disses the journalist and the hater community at large, lends some validity to my claim. It contains the type of prosaic muck that one blathers when one's quack act is exposed (see Sarah Palin). At any rate, the song in conjunction with M.I.A's Twitter shitfit definitively places her into the pop princess (I'm using that as a pejorative) category.

The NY Times story can be found here.


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