Friday, June 18, 2010

Buzz Aldrin /// the next meme

What is up with Buzz Aldrin? The guy was recently on 30 Rock, the Webby Awards, and apparently, coming up on season 7 of top chef. Does this dude need money? Is he going through a transformative and reflective period in his later years? Is he jealous of Betty White?

He is an American hero. No, an Earth hero. He was on the fucking moon, for god's sake. I respect him so much, I am writing with proper uppercase letters for once. I don't know how, but we should show this man some love while he is still around. Really, he flew in a giant tin can for over 230,000 miles and plummeted to a rock hard surface without med teams on standby. That is guts. We should exult his name right up there with Neil. Here's to being number 2...

Fist Pump!

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