Thursday, May 6, 2010

shining path ///

I've heard bad things about BAMA's SHINING PATH. 

They're assholes. They're unreliable. They have egos. They fuck up every stage they touch. 

Does any of that ring a bell? Sound familiar? There was a band of kids back in the day who loved to set shit on fire and wreak havoc and totally didn't give a fuck. What was that band called?

Oh yeah. Black Lips. And these guys share more than just their antics and attitude. They share the same ability to write awesome garage punk jams and inject them with any style they want. Regardless of whether or not they're assholes or flakey, one thing is undeniable: These dudes are making badass music.

The music is good and if you've heard bad things about these guys, then chances are the live show is fucking crazy and worth seeing. 

Check them out over at Myspace and decide for yourself.


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