Saturday, May 1, 2010

no surprises /// 2 great covers

1. Christopher O'Reily
I witnessed one of his performances in gainesville. he played radiohead,
elliot smith, and modern classical music in the same show.

he's the real deal, not just covering radiohead (he's got 2 albums worth),
but arranging their music in a creative way that legitimizes their place in music
history textbooks to come.

2. Regina Spektor
a beautiful cover from an intriguing artist.

i get the sense that this song will become more and more relevant,
perhaps historical as the decades pass.

it is a ballad for the middle class. paralyzed by their own comfort, with too much to lose.

very funny how regina was originally from the USSR.
if you missed it, "begin to hope" was a great, original record.
a great melting of intelligence and eccentricity.
whatever that means.


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