Wednesday, May 26, 2010

morningwar /// the front room ep

i'm not sure how to say this but miami band, morningwar, makes music for musicians. of course that is an unfair, sweeping generalization. they have many normal fans. but when i saw them live i was excited to watch them not only play, but excited to watch them play their instruments. i was watching their fingers and pedal foot stomps.

they released their first record, the front room ep, which is free to download here. you will hear a fusion rock kind of sound with interesting chords, runs, and tempo changes. I want to say that they are somewhere between explosions in the sky and early, coherent mars volta (except not sounding like they are on speed, in fact, more like downers). over all i am enjoying the ep, though the vocals are a little too brandon boyd-ish for my taste. but really that is a matter of opinion.


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