Saturday, May 15, 2010

heads up to bands /// myspace sucks a nut

Hey band/musician friends,

Just wanted to say that if you don't already know, MYSPACE blocks all links to BLOGGER pages. 

This means that if you post a link on your MYSPACE to a JUNGLE ROT review of your band, that link will not work and MYSPACE will say that our site is "unsafe" or what the fuck ever. It's not just for our site, it's for any site hosted by BLOGGER.

I'm guessing BLOGGER is competition for MYSPACE and the best way for them to eliminate the competition is to just block it out. 

Either way, there's nothing we can do about this issue until we get independent hosting (which is probably a short while away) and I would advise you to tell your MYSPACE patrons to copy and paste the address into their addy bar.

MYSPACE also does this to links for MEDIAFIRE, RAPIDSHARE, et al. 

In short, my big recommendation is to stop using MYSPACE altogether. I'm guilty of still using it, but an easy nail in the coffin for this issue is to switch over to a site like BANDCAMP or MUXTAPE.

On those sites you can host your music and allow it for free download, while still having an artist profile. You could also just get a BLOGGER page and host your music on a site such as SOUNDCLOUD.

Give it some thought. MYSPACE hates anyone that isn't affiliated with them but what they don't know is that they suck.

Fuck that Tom dude, too.


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