Sunday, May 2, 2010

greg's summertime songs ///

The spring semester is coming to a close for most of you out there if it hasn't already.
The unbearably hot weather is setting in
(it reached the 90's this weekend in much of Florida).

But summertime is the harbinger of more than just heat. There is a certain nostalgia associated with the summer. My music-centric worldview leads me to conclude that it is due, in part, to the soundtracks that we create for this particular season. Often times the nostalgia is aggrandized by the ephemeral romantic interest in the summer narrative.

The soundtrack plays.

The important thing is that this nostalgia is a shared human experience that binds all generations of people in the U.S.--and possibly elsewhere. When we reflect upon any given summer, regardless of the particular narrative or soundtrack, we're all left thinking, " wow, that went by too fast".

Here are the summer songs that resonate with me:

Pavement - Summer Babe


Bob Seger - Night Moves


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