Tuesday, May 4, 2010

grabbag /// look up, look down

GRABBAG is the kind of band I would call an institution. These guys have been kicking around Florida in one form or another for I think at least 10 years and they've always stayed true to their principles, keeping EVERYTHING completely D.I.Y. 

They call their music "shed punk". I can only gather, having grown up in North Florida myself, that this means they practiced or used to practice in a shed. You see, here in Florida, out in the boonies you don't see a lot of garages, so what does that leave you with? Well, you move all your gear out to the hot, shitty shed in the back yard and practice next to the lawn mower and pesticides. If you're a good redneck punk you'll even huff some gas and write a song about it.

That's my experience, anyways.

These FLA shed punks have a new album on it's way out called "LOOK UP, LOOK DOWN". I'm not sure what number this one is, but I gotta say, I've kept up with their releases through the years and this one is the best so far. These guys are totally original and do whatever the fuck they want, regardless of trends.

On this album you'll hear everything from rockabilly to thrash to metal to blistering garage rock solos. 

Anyways, get your ass out to the shed and hope the wireless reaches so you can stream the entire album over at GROOVESHARK.


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