Saturday, May 15, 2010

doctor's office /// ventasaurus

Today I went with my wife to a doctors appointment. 

The appointment was scheduled for 2pm, but the doctor was running a little behind. No big deal, right? Doctors are busy people, they do all kinds of busy shit, whatver.

An hour goes by, no doctor.

The nurses feel bad and tell us to go run some errands and come back in an hour, which we do. We go grab some mega late lunch and hang around, then head back.

No doctor.

We decide to stay at the office this time, assuming he would be back any minute.

Another hour goes by. No doctor.

We're told he's on his way and will be there in 15 minutes.

Finally, the dude shows up. He walks into the room we're waiting in and looks at me and says:

"Where is my stool? Did you move my stool?"

I say, "Is your stool the chair I'm sitting in?"

He says, "No."

I say, "Well, then no, we did not steal your stool."

After this exchange, he proceeds to bring a nurse into the room, say "Do YOU see my stool in here anywhere? Where IS my stool? It should NEVER leave this room."

The nurse is obviously just freaking out because she doesn't know where this cock sucker's stool is and she doesn't want to loose her job. Eventually she finds the stool and he doesn't care anymore. 

He decides he has paperwork to do and goes to his office. We never see him again. 

At this point it's 6:30 at night and we've been in this tiny fucking room by ourselves all afternoon and I'm ready to murder this guy. We decide to leave and I tell the nurse her doctor is a fucking douche bag and their office sucks.

I hate doctors.


(p.s. I realize this is really long and pointless, but I really wanted to break this fucking dude like a Kit-Kat bar.)

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