Thursday, May 20, 2010

christina pirello /// health food betch

I recently came across a month old article by Christina Pirello on the Huffington Post. It's titled "KFC's Double Down, Their Latest Double Cross". Title is a wee bit hyperbolic, isn't it now? In the article, she goes on a wrathful denunciation of the KFC Double Down. In addition, she basically suggests that one bite of this sandwich will kill you: "'Don't feed your hunger; crush it' goes the tag line for this new atrocity from KFC. Your hunger won't be the only thing crushed. Your health will be positively trampled."

Eating one of these "sandwiches" certainly will not "trample" your health. But one thing is certain--reading articles like Pirello's will trample your intellect. This rant is by no means a defense of the fast food industry. I believe that some of the bigger forces in the fast food industry are contributing to the homogenization of the global landscape.

Here in the States, empty spaces have been swiftly filled with images of the Colonel's face, Golden Arches, that stupid mermaid thing used by Starbucks, and other impersonal symbols. Furthermore, some of these same forces care about public health as much as they care about local food establishments. This I am aware of. With that said, it is undeniably asinine to suggest that an active adult should not indulge is some vices every once in a while. Especially something as benign as food. I'm not going to impose burden upon my health or the healthcare system by getting drunk one night and driving (edit: having a friend drive me) to KFC for a Double Down--or more preferrably a calorie bomb from a local dive--to squelch my late night munchies.

Moral of the story: there's always an authoratarian douche bag out there using hyperbole and scare tactics to tell you how to live your life.




  1. I watch this chick on the pbs on saturdays because 1. I dont have cable and 2. Im normally hung over and cant leave the couch. She makes crappy vegetarian food with similarly snide self-righteous comments. and I say that as a vegetarian... its actually sort of entertaining in how ridiculous it is.

  2. This lady also has a SUPER MEGA FUCKING SHITTY HORRIBLE guitar guy that plays songs between her bland ass food making. Fuck that lady.

  3. I could never understand why that cheesy guitar guy is even on the show? It so utterly random and is just weird. The only conclusion I could draw is that she's banging him......

    Ever notice that she seems to be shouting at the camera? I always pass on watching this cooking show. Borrrrring.