Thursday, April 29, 2010

losers ///

Some whiner felt the need to post a comment to our HEIDI MONTAG HOOTERS post telling us he was deleting his "quick link" to JUNGLE ROT. I'm wondering why?

Is it because I felt the need to post a picture of this woman's ridiculous plastic surgery tits? Are tits offensive to hipsters?

I myself am a hetero dude and I think tits are awesome. If we had a gay writer and he wanted to post pictures of giant cocks, then he would be more than welcome. Hell, maybe I'll post pictures of giant cocks and e-mail the link to that whiney fucker.

Am I sexist? No, I'm not. I just think it's insane how far people will go to change their looks and Heidi Montag has gone to RETARDED lengths to enhance her breasts (among other things) to Barbie style proportions. Ultimately, she's unattractive to me. I was just amazed at how gigantic her tits have become.

But I ask you, was the now long gone BUTTERXFACE blog sexist when they posted pictures of bow tied muscle men standing around a pool? I don't think so. They were being wild liberated women who "didn't give a fuck".

Well let me just say that, here at JUNGLE ROT, our philosophy is not giving a fuck. If this blog offends thee, pluck it out. If we're luke warm water in your mouth, spew us out, you pretentious shits.

You PC fake ass posers will see. Your time is coming.

sUcK iT, LOL@!!


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