Friday, April 30, 2010

ancient river /// under the sun

Ancient River happens to be one of my favorite new bands and certainly one of the best Gainesville bands. They have abandoned the concept of hip to make the dying art form we call "rock n' roll music". The compulsory band comparisons lead me to Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dead Meadow, and Neil Young.

Any given live show by this three-piece will be highlighted by:

gut-busting drums,

classic reverb vox,

intimate bass,

and wah-wah laden guitar solos.

In fact, at my first live AR show, I was asked by a stranger if "everything [was] alright" because I was so catatonically swept away by the GIANT sound. The AR guys did a fantastic job translating all that is sacred about the live show on to their latest record Under the Sun. In a meer seven songs, AR takes you on a journey through the nether regions of their sonic landscape. At moments you find yourself buried in a wall of sound and other moments you are basking in open space. The highlight of the album is most definitely "Eye to I". If the radio was worth a damn these days, this song would be on it. It is soulful, catchy, and classic.

Check out "Eye to I" and other songs @ AR MySpace.

If you like the music, support 'em by following the PayPal link on their MySpace page.


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