Wednesday, March 3, 2010

total bummer line up ///

Pishko posted up about TB earlier and now they have the full line up of bands out. Peep this insane shit. Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands (my band) will be playing Friday night with Dead Gaze, Gemini Cricket, and like 5 other bands as well as playing Saturday night with Jacuzzi Boys, Woven Bones, etc. Pishko's band, SAVAGES are playing the festival as well, but I don't know when. Bug his ass and find out.

Teeth Mountain; Baltimore, MD
Jacuzzi Boys; Miami, FL
Truman Peyote; Boston, MA
TV CARNAGE; Los Angeles, CA
Yip Yip; Orlando, FL
Prince Rama of Ayodhya; Boston, Baltimore, NYC
Oh Fortuna; Gainesville, FL
Woven Bones; Austin,TX
Averkiou; Gainesville, FL
Quiet Hooves; Athens, GA
Many Mansions; Boston, MA
Michael Parallax; Gainesville, FL
Rabbit Punch; Gainesville, FL
Satan’s Youth Ministers; Alabama
Run DMT ; Baltimore, MD
Levek ; “Florida’s ‘Bad Boy’”
Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands; Gainesville, FL
Phillip Oskar Augustine; Columbia,SC, Jacksonville,FL
Gemini Crickets; Athens, GA
Quilt; Boston, MA
Blissed Out; New York City, NY
Dead Gaze; Jackson, MS
Lands & Peoples; Baltimore, MD
Pop Glow; Winter Haven, FL
Emily Reo; Orlando, FL
Smart Growth; Baltimore, MD
Nervous Systems; Gainesville, FL
MillionYoung; Miami, FL
Attached Hands; Orlando, FL
Lil Daggers; Miami, FL
Dark Sea of Awareness; Orlando, FL
RBTS WIN; Asheville, NC
Baby Rat: Gainesville, FL
Ironing; Gainesville, FL
Moonbeard; Gainesville, FL
Furious Dudes; Miami, FL
Birdfeeder; Gainesville, FL
SumSun; North Carolina
Off Balance Atlas; Tallahassee, FL
Panther God; Ashville,NC/Miami, FL
PC WORSHIP; New York City
puppy hearts; Alabama
Kabuki Iron Kolors; Miami, FL
After The Bomb Baby; Jacksonville, FL
Tunabunny; Athens, GA
james DUNK!; Gainesville, FL
Hear Hums; West Palm, FL
Coma Cinema; Columbia, SC
Vacation Dad; Wisconsin
Savages; Gainesville, FL
Deaf Poets; Miami Beach, FL
Farms; Eau Claire, WI
Werewolves; Athens, GA
Totally Nebular; Pembroke Pines, FL
Alien Overmind; Orlando, FL
The French Paradox; Gainesville, FL
Janet Night; Gainesville, FL
Titans of Filth; Athens, GA
Panda Teeth; Milwaukee, WI
Quadrophones; Gainesville, FL
Motherhood; Asheville, NC
Boy In Sleep; Asheville, NC
Young Egypt; Tampa, FL
Lagues; Orlando, FL
Summertrees; Auburn, AL

Ridiculous, right? Like GP, said, you have no excuse to miss this. 

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