Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fight This Generation ///

Slate Magazine had an interesting article today about Pavement and the indie/alternative movement at large. Here's the link:
The Pavement reunion and the end of baby boomer cultural hegemony.



  1. Interesting article -- it will be great when all those baby boomers kick off. And it will be sweet when all those post-boomers kick off... hopefully they'll go much easier, with a shrug, Slacker style.
    Also, how can something like Crisis of Conformity be a cultural reference point? There's a reason everyone gets Beatles references and not Husker Du references.

  2. I think Crisis of Conformity is a cultural reference point for the Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers. That seemed to be the point of the article. Unless, I missed something. Sure, some of the nuances of the sketch were a bit esoteric. Like the wedding party name and date references (I would have never picked up on it). But on the whole, Crisis of Conformity is a band all of us under 40 can relate to. We had friends in bands like this. Even some of us were in bands like this. The sketch was very relevant to me.