Thursday, March 25, 2010

dusk tiger /// addendum

Uh-oh! Don't make the kitty angry.

I've decided this thing is simultaneously hilarious and retarded--like Trig Palin--and I had to chime in on the feline fellatio. I've reposted a couple of fun comments from the interwebs that aptly describe this tool. Enjoy:

By: Da_Doctor

"My pal Papa Mali has been touring with one of these for at least a couple of years, now. It's wicked awesome, particularly if you wanna travel with just one or two guitars and a backpack. (His second guitar is a Dobro.)"

By: grandpa shits alot

"dude holy fuck
looks awesome!"

By: drsnacks

"Guess y'all didn't get the memo. Autotune is on the way out."

By: Anonymous Coward

"Wow, this solves so many of the problems that have plagued us from truly freeing ourselves expressively ...

oh, wait. Yeah. No, this thing is beyond stupid. And it looks stupid. And it has a stupid World of Warcraft name."

I never realized there were so many doctors making comments on stupid online forums.
Must be honorary doctorates.


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