Saturday, March 20, 2010

Broken Social Scene /// Harvest of Hope

I know it's a bit late for this, but I wanted to write up a little video review of the Broken Social Scene show that I attended last weekend. For the sake of full disclosure, BSS is my favorite active band. They could fart into mics and I would find it brilliant.

A little back-story: the show was very close to cancellation. Drew, Canning & crew arrived one hour before their scheduled start time. Considering this fact, the show went supremely well. There were only a few technical difficulties. Namely, the sound folks had a difficult time getting Lisa Lobsinger's vocal levels right. At one point, Canning had some guitar difficulties and the techs had to come out on stage between songs. This was a bit serendipitous as it opened the door for Kevin Drew to play a snippet of New Order's "Temptation". I wish I could find video for it.

Kevin Drew kept apologizing profusely throughout the performance for the troubles. There really was no need for apologies. The set was killer. The instrumentation mix was fantastic. BSS were playing with a somewhat scaled back group which allowed for a lot of space in the mix. I particularly appreciated the spacious mix (being outdoors probably helped that). The song selections of the evening provided a healthy amount of new and old stuff. I recognized a couple new songs: "Texaco Bitches" and "World Sick". They are both off the upcoming album, Forgiveness Rock Record. Here's some video of the "World Sick" performance:

The set included a lot of crowd pleasers. Seemed like they leaned a little more towards tunes off the self-titled album. Here's a video of "7/4 Shoreline"(Caution: this video might cause motion sickness. Additional caution: some schmuck attempts harmonies with the band during the chorus):

The BSS crew whipped the ass of "Fire Eye'd Boy". The video and sound quality is very solid in this video. The filmer has a very steady hand. Certainly will reorient your inner ear after that last video:

By far, the highlight of the evening was the performance of "It's All Gonna Break". If you have ever witnessed this song live and weren't completely moved, then you are soulless. Sorry guy. Sorry girl. This has always been a favorite of mine and now it's even favoriter. The rendition included instrumentational aid and performance aid by Mucca Pazza. Mucca Pazza brought a lot to the song during the classic BSS swells and by adding to the overall imagery of "it all breaking". Without further ado, here is the video:

Sigh...what a great show it was. Moral of the story: go see BSS when they come to your town for the Forgiveness Rock Record tour.


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