Sunday, February 14, 2010

junk for your trunk ///


My wife and I will be welcoming our first born into the world any day now and when that happens, I predict I'll be too busy to post for at least a week, so to make up for that, I'm throwing up this post of music I've been listening to lately. I realize posting things like this could very well get JUNGLE ROT shut down, but I don't make a habit of not taking risks. Anyways, if we do get shut down, head hurr: JUNGLE ROT @ TUMBLR. Right now it's just my photography and other miscellaneous music junk, but if this blog gets nixed, that will become HQ. 


MAGNETIX - FLASH /// trashy ass fuzz surf duo

THE MASONICS - DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN /// bouncing hand clapping proto punk

DRUG RUG - S/T /// hazy Stones style rock n' roll + weirdness (love this one)

ROKY ERICKSON - NEVER SAY GOODBYE /// acoustic roky album (it's amazing)

THE RATS - IN A DESPERATE RED  /// pre-Dead Moon band (fred and toody cole)

WILLOWZ - S/T /// solid real deal garage punk rock n' roll. this one stands out.


I hope you crackers dig these albums. 



p.s. That is my junior year school picture.

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