Sunday, January 10, 2010

moptop love

The Jesus Furs have a lot of tracks for free download on their myskizz page and they're all killer, homeade punk pop gems. I just decided to put them all into one folder and voila. There are 14 tracks in this zip from various singles and what not they've put together. Here's a track list:

1 Sunny Smile
2 Get Sad
3 No Sun
4 Tremor Treat
5 Poems In The Park
6 Hungry Ghost
7 Graveyard Ghost
8 Oh My
9 Moptop Love
10 Medicine Sundae
11 Beach Love
12 Boys
13 I Don't Wanna Be A Man
14 Little Stranger

Jesus Furs are from Fort Worth, TX and are cool dudes. I think you'll really dig this compilation here, so snag itttt.

jesus furs - various tracks

jesus furs @ myspace


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