Sunday, December 27, 2009

Box Ov Rocks VOL.2

 Thought since everyone is doing these weird ass end of the year "best of" mixes, I'd just throw up a mix of some good stuff that came out this past year, as well as just some shit I think is awesome (like T REX.)

1 - T. Rex - Children of the Revolution
2 - Flight - Over My Head
3 - Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - Bikini Babes
4 - White Mystery - Powerglove
5 - T. Rex - One Inch Rock
6 - Shannon and the Clams - Scuffle With the Clams
7 - Rock N' Roll Adventure Kids - Elvis Carborator Blues
8 - Lost Boy - Perfect Strawberry
9 - Jay Reatard - Screaming Hand
10 - Smith Westerns - Diamond Boys

Hope you guys dig it. If you haven't heard of any of these bands before, be sure to give 'em a Googlin' and check them out. Looks like 2010 is gonna be an interesting year for rock n' roll, so hang on to yer britches.


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